Why We Love Our Savar Security Team

Why We Love Our Savar Security Team

Why We Love Our Savar Security Team

Why We Love Our Savar Security Team


If you follow Savar on social media, you will have noticed that we tend to joke about our lovely security team – our two miniature schnauzers, Nico and Mila. These two are Vicky Woolford (director)’s dogs that she brings into work each day. Regardless of the humour that they bring into the workplace, it has been established that dogs in the work place provide many benefits to employees and the dogs themselves. Here are several benefits and why we love Nico and Mila:


Dogs offer social support for employees with their cheerful attention, they are proven to put people at ease and improve social life. In a work place, this is great as increases the network and cooperation between employees.


Dogs encourage exercise – as need to be walked twice a day. This is good for both the dog and human physical and mental health. Taking a break by getting out into the sunshine and fresh air does wonders for one’s health and productivity.


So too, it has been proven that petting a dog reduces stress, blood pressure and changes physiological state into a more relaxed mode. Employees see this as a valuable employment perk.


Most importantly, it is great for Nico and Mila! They are included in Vicky’s day, instead of being left isolated at home. They are better socialised and more relaxed, as encounter a wide variety of people each day. Not to mention, the adore the attention they get.


Before you bring your pet into the workplace however, it is important to ensure no employees have allergies, and to abide by health and safety restrictions. Nico and Mila are kept to the office – where they are healthy and happy.


Nico and Mila make the workplace more relaxed, productive and enjoyable! They are a special addition to our fabulous team, and bring a smile to everyone’s face.




Olivia and the team x


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