The Best Skincare Regime for Patchy and Dry Skin

The Best Skincare Regime for Patchy and Dry Skin

The Best Skincare Regime for Patchy and Dry Skin

The Best Skincare Regime  for Patchy and Dry Skin


It is important to remember that your skin is an organ, and responds to the outward environment as well as what you put into your body. This means it may change, and may fluctuate between dry or sensitive.


If your skin has recently changed, try to figure out what might have caused the changes; have you started using different products? Not just on your face but on your hair or in the shower, as these products will inevitably touch your face at some point during use. Stress is another factor that can dramatically change your skin and cause it to react strangely, so whilst it’s important to get to the root of the problem, it’s also important to act quickly and treat accordingly.


It is likely that your skin is dehydrated which means it’s lacking water. This is common when hormonal changes occur (often brought on by stress) and is a skin condition rather than a skin type. You’ll need to adjust your skincare to include natural products  that are still aimed at your original skin type, but also that will help put more water in to the skin. A quick solution for dry skin is to add a richer Natural Normal to Dry Moisturiser to your routine, or using a natural Antioxidant Moisturising Mask, to allow your skin to replace lost moisture.


Another cause may be that your skin lacks oil.  Therefore, your skincare routine should focus on products for dry skin that don’t worsen the problem (so avoid anything that foams, unless it is soap free as this will further strip the skin). Search for natural cream-based cleansers  and rich natural moisturisers. Your skin type would also benefit from regular exfoliation (gently working a warm flannel over your face in circular motions a few times a week would suffice).


The key to keeping dry skin happy is to give it what it wants; lots of moisture, care and TLC. 




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