The Best Natural Skincare Ingredients

The Best Natural Skincare Ingredients

The Best Natural Skincare Ingredients

At Savar natural skincare, we absolutely love using the best natural skincare ingredients which is why we use New Zealand black currant seed oil. New Zealand is known for growing some of the best blackcurrants in the world, and we feature New Zealand blackcurrant in many of our products including our Gentle Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask, Antioxidant Night Cream, Rosehip Ultra Brighening Serum, Rosehip  Advanced Moisturiser SPF15 and Rosehip  Miracle Moisture Essence.


Research shows that New Zealand blackcurrant are ranked significantly higher in levels of antioxidant than most other fruits. Blackcurrant seed oil is therefore a great ingredient to include in our natural skincare  moisturisers and also have strong an anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothe skin conditions such as sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema.


New Zealand blackcurrant are rich in both antioxidants and essential fatty acids which our skin relies on to remain firm, nourished and protected. In addition, researchers have found that blackcurrants themselves can assist in improving eyesight focus, help adapt eyes to darkness, improve blood circulation and keep people thinking sharply when making decisions under stress. Considering how many notable benefits are derived from the blackcurrant superfruit, hopefully now you can see why we’re such a fan. 



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