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Natural Beauty Secrets - Three Beauty Time Savers

Natural Beauty Secrets - Three Beauty Time Savers

Natural Beauty Secrets – Three Beauty Time Savers


Life can be busy, and although we all intend to stick to a great natural skincare routine, things get in the way! No one is perfect. Here are three easy ways to slot beauty into your sometimes hectic schedule – taken from our own experience.


Washing up or cleaning dishes:

This is a fantastic time to sneak some natural beauty care into a normal chore, as you can take full advantage of hot water and gloved hands. If you apply your natural hydrating moisture mask  beforehand, the steam and warmth will help the mask penetrate that much deeper into your pores. Another great idea is to cover your hands in natural hand cream, or nourishing natural body lotion before putting on your dish gloves – this gives the cream time to soak in (assisted by the heat) – when your gloves come off your hands will be beautifully soft.


Bath or shower time:

It’s an obvious one, but you can organise your bath or shower to make the most of the time. If you wash your hair at the beginning, you can then put on a deep plant based conditioner  on your hair, or a natural hydrating mask to soak whilst you enjoy the rest of your shower or bath.



This is the time when your body is at rest and still for the longest – so take advantage of it! Soak your hands or feet in a rich natural cream and put on cotton gloves or socks. You may also wish to use a natural skincare moisture mask overnight. The extra hours that the moisture has to soak into your skin will leave you feeling soft and nourished.




Olivia and the team x


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