Savar Plant Based Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Savar Plant Based Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Savar Plant Based Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I wash my hair once a week, twice a week tops. And for the past few years I’ve been extremely fortunate to have access to either free or very discounted rate salon products. A change in marital situation in my extended family means that I no longer have access and am having to pay full price for good quality hair care. Arrrrgggghhhh it’s a real shock to the system!

I’ve been using an SP range recommended by my hair dresser and have really been loving it due to a bit of flaky scalp and find this product keeps it at bay. 

A couple of weeks ago however I was fortunate enough to be sent this duo from Savar Natural Skincare  of their Ultra Cleansing Shampoo  and Ultra Nourishing Conditioner. These are plant based products, made in NZ and containing no nasties. That’s all kinds of winning right there. Plus the price point is perfect and the packaging is simple and stylish – black, white and gold. Love it!


Savar Natural Skincare have created a full range of Skin Care, Face Care, Body Care, Men’s Care and a Spa Range as well as the Hair Care. Each of their products combine all that is best in nature, style and sustainability. Theirs are products that are generously enriched with pure plant extracts and oils to rehydrate, nourish and restore your skin. As there are just as many allergens in essential oils as parfums they have chosen to lightly fragrance their exquisite range with a few essential oils and very low levels of parfum. 

All that said, as someone big on the scent of my products, these smell amazing, featuring a combination of cucumber, energising ginger and Manuka honey, with added avocado in the conditioner for extra nourishment. 


Nine times out of ten, I leave my hair to air dry and the true test for me of a product I love is one that leaves my hair as frizz free as possible. I know that there is always going to be some level of frizz due to my colouring and heat treating with my GHD’s, so I am realistic, but I still love when a product soothes the cuticle to the point where I can comfortably wear my hair out without having to straighten it on the day to day.


Savar Natural Skincare offered me this exact scenario so to top off the amazing smell, the beautiful natural ingredients list and the fact that it’s made in NZ, I love that it proves itself with actual real results! Below you can see my hair air dried, and brushed, but not blow dried or straightened. I was impressed.


Vanessa Rehm 

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