Savar Natural Skincare Tips

Savar Natural Skincare Tips

Natural Skincare Tips


There are so many natural skincare tips we have previously mentioned, such as ensuring regular exfoliating and moisturising, but one of the best natural skincare tips to achieve healthy and glowing skin is to remove your makeup at night before going to bed.


Your body and skin uses the sleeping hours doing everything it can to repair any damage – however minor – the previous day may have created.  This includes things like flushing out toxins from your skin and regenerating any loss of collagen. Both of these examples are pretty essential to maintaining healthy skin, yet by leaving your make-up on before you go to bed, you’re making it harder for your body to do a good job at repairing any facial skin damage as your make-up works like a mask that stops anything getting in (like oxygen) and anything getting out.


This is one of the best natural skincare tips we can give you, as wearing make-up to bed clogs your pores leaving you with, at the very least dull facial skin, and at the very worst inflamed spots and blackheads.  Then the vicious circle continues as whilst your body should be concentrating on keeping your skin healthy, instead it then has to focus on dealing with the newly inflamed or clogged pores. 


Hope this helps!



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