Products For Dry Skin

Products For Dry Skin

Products For Dry Skin

Products for dry skin


The best way to get dry skin quickly under control is to use great products for dry skin that are enriched with natural plant extracts and oils. 


Dry skin can be caused by a multitude of reasons and unfortunately often comes hand-in-hand with sensitivity, so tread really carefully with what products you use as you don’t want to risk making the problem worse.


Dry skin often happens with age as well as the change of seasons so look for products for dry skin that are enriched with skin loving moisturising ingredients such as New Zealand starflower oil,  New Zealand meadowfoam oil, New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil and New Zealand avocado oil.


At Savar we have formulated many of our products for dry skin such as our Advanced Hand Repair. It is a non greasy super rich gentle moisturiser that is formulated with New Zealand avocado oil and  will not only nourish your hands, it also makes a fabulous cuticle cream and works wonders on dry and cracked heels!


Another one of our superstar products for dry skin is our Essential Hydration Moisturiser normal / dry.  Enriched with New Zealand starflower oil and organic rosehip, it is uber-rich in antioxidants and is a rapidly absorbed facial moisturiser that will instantly nourish, hydrate and protect dry skin. When using it regularly you will notice a difference to your skins moisture levels in a very short time.


So if you do suffer from dry skin remember to benefit your skin you’ll want to boost moisture quickly, so it’s worth using multi-tasking rich products for dry skin.


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