Natural Skincare Tips for Spring

Natural Skincare Tips for Spring

Natural Skincare Tips for Spring

Spring Skincare Tips with Natural Skincare 


With the onset of Spring and warmer weather, people often change their wardrobes in favour of lighter layers, yet many neglect to realise that the same must be done with your skincare. Typically, the introduction of Spring means warmer and increasingly humid days. Naturally your skin will cope differently to this weather, compared to how it did perhaps in the cold dry climate of winter.


Here are a few of our tips to change your natural skincare regime during Spring:


SPF – increase in sunshine hours and longer days mean your face will be exposed to more of the sun’s rays. It is so important to adopt a natural moisturiser with a higher SPF content to protect your skin! By using SPF under your makeup each day, your skin will have an effective barrier against the penetrating rays of the sun. Try to go for a natural, plant based SPF moisturiser that won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts.


Lighter moisturiser – as the weather get warmer and more humid, your skin is likely to naturally sweat and produce more oils. It is recommended that you use a lighter moisturiser or serum than the one you used during winter.


Toner – using a light and refreshing toner to reduce shine, brighten skin and refine your pores is a must as it starts to get warmer. Aim to use an alcohol-free, natural and balancing natural toner that can be spritzed on your skin to hydrate and cool throughout the day.


Exfoliate – if you spring clean your house, why not spring clean your skin? Whereas in winter, your skin is drier and more sensitive, you could begin to exfoliate using a natural exfoliator during springtime more often. This removes old layers of skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh!


Most importantly, get out and enjoy the sunshine.




Olivia and the team.


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