Natural skincare product tips for the end of the day

Natural skincare product tips for the end of the day

Natural skincare product tips for the end of the day

Natural skincare product tips - A two minute facial


Some of us don’t have the time to sit around for anything up to an hour applying various natural skincare product and treatments to give our skin a facial, although it’s worth trying to find this time occasionally as at Savar we believe it’s a great treatment for both your facial skin and your soul! However, skin needs to be pampered regularly to ensure it looks its best, so if you can spare two minutes at the end of the day, try this:


  1. Remove all make-up with a natural skincare product - it can be a wash off  or cream cleanser.
  2. Whilst your working your cleanser over your face, let your flannel or muslin cloth sit under a warm tap.
  3. Once you’re ready to remove your cleanser, lay the flannel over your face for 10 seconds. 
  4. Thoroughly wash off the rest of your natural skincare product, however, use the flannel to buff skin in circular motions whilst you’re doing so; this approach will gently exfoliate skin.
  5. Once all the steps above are complete, apply a thick layer of your usual Savar natural night cream all over your face and massage in for a few minutes. Follow with a natural facial mask 3 to 4 times a week.


Try to perform this mini-facial a good half an hour before bed, so that when you reach the point of applying the thick layer of your Savar natural moisturiser, it’s had plenty of time to soak in before you hit the pillow. Otherwise you might end up with a pillow covered in moisturiser which isn’t very nice!


These few simple steps are a great way to treat your facial skin to the main key elements of most facials: deep and double cleanse, steam, exfoliation and a moisture-boosting natural moisture mask with massage. The great part about the last step is that you don’t need to wash off the moisture mask, you can leave it on overnight so your skin is getting a treat even when you’ve finished your facial!


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