Natural Eye Cream - How To Apply

Natural Eye Cream - How To Apply

Natural Eye Cream - How To Apply

Natural Eye Creams - You only need a tiny amount of eye cream around each eye.

Natural eye creams are an essential in any natural skincare routine, as it’s all very well having perfectly clear, beautifully smooth facial skin, but you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favours by using great natural skincare products on the rest of your face and ignoring your eye area. The best natural eye creams need to be applied carefully as the area around the eye is extremely delicate, so tread carefully and follow these tips:


Take a less is more approach and use a tiny amount of a natural eye cream on each eye.  Leave it to soak in, then if the skin feels dry you can add more. 


Tap your natural eye cream into your skin rather than rub it, as rubbing the skin around the eye area can move it around and possibly cause fine lines.


Just as you would do with a natural skincare moisturiser, pick an eye cream that’s suitable for your skin; for example, if you’re in your twenties then you only need something light, as using something too rich will flood the area and risk making it look a little puffy and baggy.


Be very, very gentle! If you can’t trust yourself to use the right pressure then use your little finger to apply as this finger is limited in how much pressure it can achieve.


Lastly, for a weekly treat, apply a thick layer of your natural eye cream around the whole eye and leave it on for 20 minutes to act as a natural skincare eye mask. You can do this whilst you use a face mask to save time.  When the time is up, tissue off any residue.


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