Natural Ultra Nourishing Body Butter review

Natural Ultra Nourishing Body Butter review

Natural Ultra Nourishing Body Butter review

Hi everyone!!!


Today I wanted to do a short and sweet post about this beautiful new body butter I tried from Savar. If you have been following my blog this past year, you’d know how much I looooovvveee my Savar products!! I’ve been feeling horrendously sick lately – must have caught some bad flu but its been hanging around for weeks now. As I was scrolling through instagram, I stumbled upon Savar’s page and saw they had come out with a ginger and lime scent for their body butter…..GINGER AND LIME!!!! Just the thought of the smell made my mouth water so I immediately knew I just HAD TO try it out!


As soon as the mailman dropped my package off, I took a shower and lathered this product all over my body. The room smelled soooooooooo fresh and I couldn’t stop smelling my skin!!! What is it about the scent of ginger and citrus together that just instantly makes you feel better? It’s a mystery to me but all I know is, I fell in love right there and then! 


Not only was the smell divine, the texture of the product itself was so luxuriously thick and dreamy! It was just the perfect pick me up for my dry and scaly winter skin. What’s even more amazing was the fact that even though this body butter was very thick, your skin will just drink it up and it wont leave any greasiness lingering around your skin! ~ It’s been a good three weeks of using this product every other day and it has made my skin incredibly soft and smooth! Absolutely love this stuff ❤❤


With delicious ingredients such as premium avocado oil, blackcurrant seed oil, organic figs, lime flower and other natural goodness, it’s seriously such a battle to resist eating this thing when I put it on!


This product retails for $45NZD at! The ginger & lime scent also comes in the form of a sugar scrub and a body oil – both of which I am definitely going to check out because I am obseeessseeddd with the scent!!!


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