Essential Natural Skincare Products

Essential Natural Skincare Products

Essential Natural Skincare Products

Essential Natural Skincare products

 With the range of natural skincare available, it can seem like you need a vast array of natural skincare to achieve glowing and healthy skin. However, this is not the case! Prepped with the essential natural skincare products, alongside a consistent natural skincare routine, you can achieve perfectly healthy skin without hundreds of dollar’s worth of product.


At Savar, the skincare products that we cannot do without are:


Natural Cleanser

A natural cleanser removes makeup and grime when used at night, and in the morning, cleans out impurities. For dry skin, opt for a natural cream cleanser as it will be gentler on your skin. If you have normal or oily skin a foaming natural cleanser or wash is recommended.  



Ideally used a couple of times a week, a natural exfoliant is crucial to get rid of build up of dead skin cells. Using an exfoliant speeds cell production by clearing away the old skin cells and unclogging pores. Ensure you use a natural exfoliant that is gentle on the skin.



This goes without saying, but a natural moisturiser is often regarded as the key to a great skincare routine. Your skin is exposed to the environment daily – whether that of artificial lighting and air-conditioning of an office, or potentially damaging UV rays outside. Thus it is essential to ensure it remains well moisturised and hydrated. Ensure you use a natural moisturiser suited to your skin type, and a lighter natural moisturiser during the day.


Eye cream

A natural eye cream adds moisture, addresses fine lines and wrinkles and helps with the appearance of puffy, dark circles under the eyes. Skin around the eyes is finer with less oil glands, meaning an eye cream is a vital part to nourishing your skin.  


If you stick with these essential natural skincare products, you can’t go wrong! We hope you notice the difference.




Olivia and the team.


Savar Premium Natural Skincare.

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