Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin

Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin

Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin

Dry skin and sensitive skin – How natural skincare can help!


Dry skin and sensitive skin can be caused by a multitude of reasons. The best way to get it quickly under control is to use a great natural skincare  moisturiser  that is enriched with plant extracts and oils. Unfortunately, dry skin and sensitive skin often comes hand-in-hand, so tread really carefully with what products you use as you don’t want to risk making the problem worse.


If you suddenly do have dry skin or sensitive skin, try to quickly work out what it is that is causing the issue. Dry skin and sensitive skin can be a sign of a reaction – or it can also happen with the change of seasons.


Once you’ve worked out what the problem is and have eradicated the cause, it’s time to try and help your skin with some form of natural skincare treatment. Use as few chemicals as possible and instead consider using something very gentle that’s still moisturising and contains lots of skin-loving moisturising ingredients like New Zealand meadowfoam oil. New Zealand avocado oil, New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil. You’ll want to boost moisture quickly, so it’s worth using something that’s very rich.


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