Savar Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Savar Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Savar Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Spotted on Lips n Berries Beauty Blog - This fabulous haircare review below:

My favorite shampoo meet the world. World meet my favorite. Yes! I have found my Holy Grail ..yet again! So when I say a shampoo has been working for me, you've gotta trust me. Surely, a shampoo won't fix split ends but it can make them less bushy.


NZ made, plant based haircare, gentle enough for the whole family. A clear shampoo and a not-so-thick creamy conditioner that seem to be doing the trick. I've been using these for months and it keeps getting better.


Let me tell you why I love this combo-
- Makes my hair shiny and bouncy, doesn't weigh them down
- Gives my hair some volume, yet they feel so light
- Gives them lifeless locks some much needed life
- Hair seem to have less tangles (thank you split ends for a tangled life)
- My hair fall has been in control! Probably the only evidence that's not subjective.
- I can go without washing my hair for 4 days
- Gentle on scalp
- Smells ahhhmzing (Citrusy!)
- Fairly natural, Plant based
- Chock full of botanical extracts like Avocado, Cucumber, Ginger & Manuka Honey
- Made in NZ
- That packaging though!


If you've been looking for a gentle SLS free shampoo that'll put life back to your hair, give these a shot. 500 mL pump packaging will last you months and you'll feel great about supporting a product that is good for the environment, yourself and is proudly NZ made. Thanks Lips n Berries!
Vicky and the team
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