Best Skin Care Product

Best Skin Care Product

Best Skin Care Product

I realise it’s a big call. It’s partly the reason I avoided writing about this product until I had used it consistently for three months. I was worried about my initial assessment being incorrect but three months and a blemish-free and bright face later I can confidently say that the Savar Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum is the best skincare product I’ve come across in 2015.


Key Ingredients | Premium rosehip, New Zealand blackcurrant, kiwifruit, goji berry and bearberry – all rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E.


Use | Savar recommends you use this twice daily under your moisturiser. At first I thought ‘twice daily’? But the product feels and smells so luxurious that you’ll want to apply it twice daily. I use the serum on its own, without any moisturiser over it.


Verdict | This is the perfect product for your face in the warmer months if you want something lighter than a cream. It smells wonderful, which is often quite uncommon for rosehip – I’ve tried my fair share of absolutely nasty smelling rosehip products. My complexion has evened out (reducing the need for coverage from BB creams thus making my daily skincare and beauty routine even more minimal) and my complexion is brighter and healthier. It’s one product I’ll be replacing but even with three months of constant use I still have a fair way to go before my bottle is empty.


Details | The serum costs $56 for 30ml available online and at leading retailers. This product is made in New Zealand and comes in a beautiful recyclable glass bottle. I might have been put off by the cost, but considering it’s an ethically produced product and one that (in my case) has completely cancelled out the need for additional products, it is well worth the money.



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Best Skincare Product 2015

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