The Best Plant Based Hand Repair

The Best Plant Based Hand Repair

The Best Plant Based Hand Repair

The Best Plant Based Hand Repair


A plant based hand repair is the secret to ensuring your hands remain nourished and hydrated throughout the day. There’s no avoiding the fact that our hands benefit from regular maintenance. Visiting a professional for regular maintenance is such a treat, however many of us either cannot afford the time or cost! Here are some suggestions of things you can do at home with a plant based hand repair to look after your hands and nails:


Investing in the best plant based hand repair you can find and using it regularly will go a long way to keeping your hands looking great. As a general rule try using the best plant based hand cream for your skin type at least twice a day.


For an extra moisture boost and intensive hand treatment, try investing in cotton gloves. You can then apply a thick layer of your best plant based hand cream and then put on the gloves to lock-in the moisture. Ideally leave them on for an hour, or if you can, overnight.


To stop your cuticles looking dry and flaky, regularly massage your natural hand cream into them.


We recommend using a natural, plant based hand cream like our Savar Advanced Hand Repair that is formulated with New Zealand avocado oil. Avocado oil is well known for its wonderful ability to retain moisture making it excellent for dry, parched and dehydrated skin. It is an oil that is uber- nourishing and brilliant at conditioning skin.


We hope you enjoy, your hands and nails certainly will!




Olivia and the team x

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