A Word On Self Love

A Word On Self Love

A Word On Self Love

A Word on Self- Love – Plant Based Living


With the busy pace of life, it is easy to forget to focus truly on yourself. Yet, as the old saying goes, “You can’t fill an empty cup from an empty vessel.” To be fully present for others in our life, we first need to invest some time in ourselves. Often in society today, we often constantly compare ourselves to others. Social media presents the ideal imagine of life, with filtered images that have us striving for a perfection that doesn’t exist.


It is important for all of us to remind ourselves that the number of followers we have on Instagram or the amount of likes we get on Facebook, are not measures of our self-worth. How we treat ourselves and others and how we feel on the inside are what count.


In our experience, here at Savar, along with a healthy natural skincare regime, food is one of the foundations for positive change and can hugely influence how you feel. Eating a plant-based diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and whole-grains, is one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves as it really supports a healthy body which is central to our happiness. At Savar, we belive this applies to what we put on our skin, as well as inside our bodies. This is why we advocate for a natural, plant based skincare routine


When you take care of your health through eating right, it has a ripple effect across all areas of your life. Your energy levels improve, you are more likely to exercise, spend time outdoors and sleep better. All these benefits improve our self-esteem and help us to take better care of ourselves. Also, treating others and our environment with kindness, can help encourage us to treat ourselves the same way.


We can all take steps in the right direction, however small they may be. It’s about getting the snowball started, over time, the snowball gets bigger and gains momentum.


This article was paraphrased from a beautiful piece on self-love written by the Happy Pear.   To see the full article, read it here.




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