A Natural Night Cream - Why we Love Them

A Natural Night Cream - Why we Love Them

A Natural Night Cream - Why we Love Them

Natural Night Cream - Why We Love Them


Moisturising with a natural skincare moisturiser is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Regardless of your skin type, skin needs all the help it can get when replacing lost moisture and there is no better time for this to occur than during sleep. 


A good cleansing routine will only go so far without the finishing touches of a natural night cream, so here are three things that a great night cream can do for you:


Arguably the most important benefit of using a natural night cream is the fact that it will help fight the signs of ageing. By replacing lost moisture, skin is better equipped to fight free-radicals and repair damage caused by daily factors such as pollution and sun exposure.


Waking up with well-moisturised skin ensures you look healthier. It’s an obvious one, but skin that has adequate moisture levels is less likely to look ashen and more inclined to glow.


Keeping skin moisturised, quite literally keeps it happy, meaning that you’ll be less prone to typical skin complaints such as dryness, dehydration and breakouts. 


There is no such thing as a skin type that won’t benefit from a nightly slathering of a good quality natural night cream, so make sure you find one that works for your skin type and use it religiously!


Vicky and the team x

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