A Natural Hand Cream is a Must Have

A Natural Hand Cream is a Must Have

A Natural Hand Cream is a Must Have

A Natural Hand Cream – A Skincare Product That is a Must!


All of us possibly get a bit obsessed with natural skincare at certain stages of our lives, however what we need to remember is that it is just as important to care of the skin on our hands with the best natural hand cream we can find, as it is our facial skin.


Hands are often being washed and are constantly in use and very rarely protected so it is important to treat them with the care they deserve. Having a few fabulous natural hand cream dotted around the house is a great idea and can be a life saver for dry rough skin which means more often than not the skin on your hands is dehydrated.


When treating your hands to a natural hand cream try and choose a hand cream or lotion that is formulated to intensely nourish and soften them. At Savar we believe the best natural hand cream is one that is enriched with natural extracts and oils that are rich and uber-nourishing.


If the skin on your hands is particularly dry, we suggest treating yourself to a hand treatment before bed at night by applying a thick layer of your hand cream on your hands and then cover with cotton gloves. Leave this hand treatment on overnight and as long as you have used an uber-nourishing hand cream or lotion your hands should feel wonderfully nourished and hydrated and your skin will love you for it.


So next time you are out shopping don’t forget to keep a look out for a fabulous natural hand cream and use it regularly!


Vicky and the team x

Savar Natural Skincare

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