Savar Natural Skincare - Skincare Review

Savar Natural Skincare - Skincare Review

Savar Natural Skincare - Skincare Review

To start things off with a bang, I wanted to make a post all about an O.G. favourite brand ~ Savar Natural Skincare. They recently came out with this beautiful bundle called the “Premium Essentials Skin Pack” for normal to dry skin and it is a GOD SEND!


The Savar Natural Skincare set comes with a free cosmetic bag that fits all the goodies inside! The bag is very sturdy, easy to clean and is also the PERFECT size for travelling! This pack was my go-to during my recent visit to New Zealand.


This was the first time I ever tried their Luxury Face Wash and I fell IN LOVE! The cleanser smells like cucumber so it is the perfect pick-me-up in the morning and it leaves the face feeling very fresh and clean! It is also enriched with manuka honey and lemon fruit extract which my skin just adores!


I love using this cleanser with my konjac sponge. I use half a pump onto my damp sponge and massage it all over my face. During one of my lazy nights, I couldn’t be bothered to remove my makeup before cleansing but to my surprise; this cleanser was able to remove my foundation and face makeup!! Its such a powerful cleanser but extreeemmely gentle on the skin


After I cleanse my face, I spritz some of the Instant Boost Multi Toner onto my face to prep my skin for the moisturizer and the serum. I love how this baby comes in a spray form as it makes it sooo much easier to use and we don’t have to create more waste via cotton pads to apply our toner.


…..did I also mention that it smells divine? As I’m writing this, it is also 30 degrees here in Australia and what I love to do is keep this baby inside my purse and spritz a little on my face throughout the day to freshen things up and cool myself down!


Next up, is this beauty. Savar Natural Skincare  Essential hydration moisturizer  contains an amazing ingredient called “starflower oil” also known as borage oil. This ingredient is amaazziinng for the skin as it helps with regulating prostaglandin levels which in turn work to regulate the skin’s moisture level and prevent inflammatory skin conditions.


You get a generous portion of 100ml in this pack which will last you ages as you only need a small amount to cover your whole face! This moisturizer is also a thicker consistency so I recommend you apply it right after you spritz the toner on your face to help the product glide easier.


The scent is very unique but sweet and pleasant! All you need is one pump.  


Last but definitely not the least is my all time favourite skin care product….. (**drum roll please…**) – it’s the Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum. Ever since I discovered this product, I haven’t stopped using it!….Ok that’s a lie…I left my bottle in New Zealand when I migrated to Australia and my skin went through hardship (yes, I’m that dramatic) for a good 4 months without it. When I FINALLY went back to visit New Zealand, I was reunited with this baby and it instantly quenched my skin’s thirst. I can go on and on and oooonnn about how much I love this product but I’m pretty sure I’ve written too many blog posts raving about this serum already (*guilty*)


Overall, the new Premium Essentials Pack is a must have! It has all the products your skincare needs in one little convenient package and it is the perfect set for those who want to try out Savar’s products for the first time. Just a warning though…after you try it, it’s hard to use anything else as Savar makes the best skin care products in my experience! And as a skincare junkie who’s tried everything under the sun…that’s saying something!


Samantha Mariam

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