Natural Savar Luxury Baby Pack With Free Ultra Brightening Serum For Mum

Savar Baby Natural Skincare

Natural Savar Luxury Baby Pack With Free Ultra Brightening Serum For Mum

Product code:SB0111

"Ladies, you know I live by your products for my skin. I loved the look of the new Savar Baby Luxury products, but I was curious and cautious. I looked through the ingredient list, item by item. I looked up many that weren't familiar to me. And I found what you have prompted the entire time - 100% natural. All the ingredients were plant derived. Thank you for looking out for my baby the way I would. Once I knew the products were safe, I've enjoyed creating so many more wonderful bath time memories with Rafa. I love the way he feels and smells after this bath.. we also 'share' the magic face and body cream. It smells too good not to." A Life Un-Styled.

Safe and gentle, the new Savar ultra-premium Baby range has been enriched with New Zealand cucumber and apple to protect and care for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Made in New Zealand in a GMP certified laboratory and formulated with the very best of nature’s ingredients, these beautifully mild products will leave baby’s skin wonderfully nourished and protected. 100% natural and free from artificial fragrance, parabens, harmful chemicals and harsh detergents. Beautifully packaged in a FREE luxury cosmetic bag and includes a FREE Ultra Brightening Serum 30ml For Mum, a FREE Savar luxury cosmetic bag, a FREE Savar samples, Free gift value $95.00.

Magic Hair and Body Wash 240ml 8.11 fl oz - A delicate soap free, nourishing all over body wash to gently cleanse baby’s skin and hair. 100% natural, this beautifully mild, safe and gentle hair and body wash has been specifically formulated to cleanse and protect young delicate skin.

Magic Gentle Face and Body Cream 100ml 3.38 fl oz - A beautiful non greasy, nourishing, soothing cream to help protect baby’s delicate skin. Formulated with baby’s delicate skin in mind and enriched with New Zealand cucumber and apple. This gentle nourishing formula will leave baby’s skin wonderfully soft, smooth and protected. 100% natural and suitable for any area of baby’s face and body, including those affected by the symptoms of skin allergies and eczema, this ultra-premium formulation gives baby’s skin long lasting hydration and protection.

Magic Soothing Baby Balm 100ml 3.38 fl oz - 100% natural, water resistant, deeply nourishing and calming. Formulated with the finest ingredients to protect baby’s delicate areas from excess moisture and also acts as a rejuvenating and protecting balm for any areas of irritated and dry skin. A multi- tasking calming, soothing balm that is fabulous for nappy rash and perfect to protect against wetness and soothe skin irritations.

Rosehip Ultra Brightening Serum 30ml Giift for mum.1.01 fl oz - A concentrated oil free, age defying natural skin care serum crafted with some of the best of nature’s superfoods to instantly brighten, hydrate and tighten. Formulated with the proven ingredients of rosehip, blackcurrant, lemonfruit and bearberry to assist in brightening skin and evening out skin tone as well as reducing redness. A wonder product that soothes most skin irritations!